• How to get the Top Brand Golf Clubs and Equipment online at Bargain Prices: Callaway, PING, Taylormade, Titleist...

    The great advantage of buying golf equipment online is that it will probably be cheaper than offline sources in many cases. Be sure to visit various online shops to see which deals are available and be willing to spend some time comparing prices.

    Like we've already noted above, it is important to do some "offline" research first though, so that you can verify the 'look and feel' of the club. If you're unable to do some prior research offline first, at least try and choose a site that allows a trial period of the clubs and allow returns if not satisfied, if possible. Most online stores will offer this.

    It might even be an idea to get the best type of deals where you get demo clubs delivered directly to your door, try them for a number of days and then decide if you want to make a purchase. If you don't, just send the demo clubs back with no further obligation.

    Another clever way to 'test-drive' clubs offline is to see if you have a golfer friend or acquaintance who already owns the type of club you're considering getting, you can then ask your friend if you can borrow their clubs. Test it out for yourself to see if it will be a comfortable fit...then, and only then should you seriously consider taking it to the next step and buying for yourself.

    Interestingly enough, most current models of irons and golf drivers are nearly as expensive online as they would be if purchased at a local golf store. So a great tip is to always look out for online is to search for last year's model of quality clubs and equipment.

    This is because of the nature of the economics of the golf equipment industry: Golf manufacturers often offer last year's model to buying groups or online stores before current models are available and these are bought in bulk, which reduces the price. With new models coming out each season by all the top golf club manufacturers, the old inventory simply has to be dispensed with. You will often find last seasons models reduced by up to 40% since the stores need to make room for the new inventory.

    Understand this: Golf Technology changes so rapidly in the golf industry, but that doesn't mean that you can't play the same set of clubs for the new golf season without losing ground on your game.

    You see, when a new technology breakthrough happens in the golf world, it is heavily advertised in the media and the demand rises to fever pitch because there's so much hype built around it at that time. But that's not necessarily the right time to make the big new purchase. If you wait for about 6-8 months or so, you will notice the hype has died down surrounding the latest and greatest driver or irons, and you will suddenly be able to access massive savings on the same equipment.

    Most golfers fall into the 'media hype trap' of buying too soon, just as soon as the manufacturer releases the new line, and they end up spending an obscene amount on their equipment, and these are some of the golf clubs which will eventually wind up on auction sites like eBay and Craigslist, waiting to be snapped up by far more savvy buyers at a fraction of the original retail price. So be patient, look for good deals, they will come…and you will save yourself a ton of cash.

    So in this vein, a great place to look is the online golf stores 'sale' or 'clearance' section, where the last season's 'flavour of the month' golf equipment is being 'offloaded' at insanely low prices.

    And remember, there is often hardly any real physical difference between new and old models, the golf manufacturers spend millions to convince you that there is, but you're smarter than that, so buying last year's golf clubs can save you a truckload of your hard-earned money.

    You will also find as you shop online that its definitely a lot easier to buy irons online than drivers. Basically, most golfers are easily able to adapt to the design of a new set of irons but with drivers, its important to precisely match it to the golfer's swing.

    The main considerations here are the loft and shaft of the driver. If you end up buying a driver online with too little loft and the wrong shaft, even though it may be the best deal you've come across, you will ultimately have wasted your money because it will be of little use to you. So it is crucial to determine beforehand the loft of a driver that suits your swing and this simply re-enforces the point we made above: you should always endeavour to try various drivers before buying online.

    Other notable golf expenses which you can slash considerably using the power of Information on the Internet are green fees and travel deals/golf vacations. Get used to not just automatically paying the regular posted green fees you see on the course. With a little bit of savvy Internet research, you can access incredibly deep discounts as much as 50% to play at exotic courses all over the world. You can even find amazingly discounted golf vacations, including great value hotel rooms and golf amenities.

There is a tremendous treasure trove of savings for golfers if you take the time to research golf sites on the Internet. All we have to do is know how and where to look, and and to have a little patience to get the right deals. There are so many amazing bargains that the offers you discover may surprise you. And in addition to opening your eyes to massive savings, you get to become a much more savvy golfing consumer, and this will help you make great buying decisions.

    If you take some time to do a little research, you will discover discount travel packages to some of the top golfing resort areas in the world, including several throughout the United States, as well as Europe and Asia.

    It is definitely possible to play the courses you've always dreamed of without having to break the bank. For example, you can get great deals on golf cruises. Yes, with just a little shopping around, you can golf in style right on your Meditteranean, Caribbean or round the world vacation! Or how about visiting great courses in Europe like the great St. Andrews and still stay within a very reasonable budget.

    Many golf trips these days are sold by internet resellers (middlemen). The price may be right, but they have no idea of the local market. They are selling a commodity and could care less what other events are happening in the area or what local conditions are. Dealing with local people in the area you plan to visit will eliminate many of these surprises.

    So, what's the best way to do it?

    In some cases, you may actually be better off shunning the package deals and just booking the a hotel yourself, and then contact the concierge or front desk staff who will have the local knowledge to direct you to the best golf deals. This works especially during the off peak times. So many people get involved in the package deals that the prices can be increased by 50-75% over what it would cost you to book it yourself.

    When planning a trip, try and see if you can get more people to go along with you. It might require a little bit more logistics, but you can often times find discounts on packages with larger groups of people, so its definitely worth the effort. And if you're particularly enterprising, you might be able to negotiate with one of the companies who sets up the package deals to include you at no cost if you agree to bring a certain number of other people on the trip with you. This could save you the cost of the trip, which is a significant bargain.


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