• Golf Club/Equipment Tips for Beginners

    For a brand new beginner, it's not an easy feat learning to hit golf ball properly. Its an exercise that takes tons of practice. You have to invest significant amounts of time and patience to fully develop the skills and temperament that it takes to make great progress in the game. But once you master the basics, you will find that true sustained mastery adds to the enjoyment of and encourages you to continue improving.

    So it's important to really brace yourself for a steep learning curve which gets easier with time and practice. Frustration may rear its ugly head at times, but it will all be worth the effort in the end when you can finally enjoy the game to the fullest. You have to keep focused throughout the experience and never get discouraged in order to reap the ultimate rewards of competent play.

    With these considerations in mind, it's important to carefully consider whether you're ready to pursue the game and do what it takes to make it a part of your life. Are you willing to take the time to properly receive instruction and learn? You should approach the game with firm commitment, and take it seriously. You need to consider this carefully because once you hold that club in your hands for the first time and take a swing, you may find it difficult to advance the ball well. So please don't get easily discouraged if this happens. They're just growing pains! It will become easier with time and practice.

    You don't even have to buy a club if you're just starting out. All that is required is a trip to a golf range. At most ranges, you'll find a bucket filled with practice balls for a very low affordable price. In addition, most ranges have clubs you can rent or even borrow.

    After a few sessions at the golf range, you can decide if you would like to continue. If for whatever reason, you decide not to continue, then you wouldn't have made a massive cash investment in the game. But if you happen to connect superbly with the ball and get a few great shots, you will be pleasantly surprised and elated, and will love to continue with the game. It's at this point that you may want to consider acquiring your own equipment.

    Iron Club head

    Look for club head that made of stainless steel and avoid inexpensive alloy heads. If you're a beginner, you should select the 'heel-and-toe' (or, perimeter-weighted) club head design, cavity backed (hollowed out in the back) and over-sized golf club. You should get bigger club heads because they are more forgiving with enlarges 'sweet spot' that can produce maximum distance even with off-center contacts.

    Golf Shafts

    Graphite shafts is ideal for beginner even though it is more expensive that steel shafts. Its lighter overall weight allows beginner to swing the club faster even with enlarged clubhead.

    Golf Grips

    If you have purchased used golf clubs where the condition of the grips could be less than perfect or the grips don't fit properly for you, then make sure you replace them. Grips are fairly easy and inexpensive to change by a pro or club repairman. Ensure all the grips are replaced with same size and design.

    Finally, if you are just starting out with golf, chances are your swing is more likely to let you down rather than the golf clubs itself. Having said that, it is still important to try out the golf clubs before buying them in order to find a golf club set that suits your swing, body and game. Most importantly, makes you feel confident when you use it.


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