• How to buy "Demo" Golf Clubs and Equipment to save Money

    Buying "demo" second hand golf equipment is one of the the most powerful ways to save big money on the best quality, premium golf equipment, but there are a few things to watch out for when selecting this type of equipment. Many golfers get this wrong and end up with lower quality equipment as a result. So it is extremely important to pay special attention to the factors that follow in this report.

    You will find that many local golf stores will have an indoor driving range where customers can 'test-drive' various drivers and irons. So you can simply approach the store and ask if they have any "demo clubs" for sale.

    Also, some golf clubs tend to hold regular demo evenings to showcase premium brand golf clubs. You should go along and attend these events as you will be able to try out some irons and woods with an array of steel and graphite shafts. This is a great way to determine which driver suits your swing, and you can often find some of the best deals at these events.

    Now, it's important to note that demo clubs will tend to have some wear due to the in-store use - and the key to really getting great quality, premium brand clubs with this method is to closely examine them for quality and suitability.

    The most important thing here is the quality of the shaft. Club heads are relatively durable and you don't have to worry too much about them wearing out and the grips can be changed if necessary (it shouldn't cost much to do this, therefore it's worth the price and effort). So most importantly, you need to make sure the golf shafts are in reasonable condition.

    Here's what to look out for when examining the shafts of demo clubs:

    FLEXIBILITY: The flexibility of the shaft is the most important factor to watch out for, and will usually indicate how suitable the club will be for you. Not everyone is comfortable with the same degree of flexibility and the key is to select the golf clubs that you are the most comfortable with. Be sure to test many different flexibility levels to see what suits you the best. The golf stores will happily encourage you to do this.

    Speaking of shafts, what is the key difference between Steel Shafts and Graphite shafts?

    The general thought (conventional wisdom) is that beginners and intermediate golfers should use graphite shafts and advanced golfers should use steel shafts.

    That's not really true anymore. As with any type of golf equipment the best option is to try both and see which one works best for your swing. Even professional golfers have made the transition from steel to graphite shafts. Tiger Woods, for example, switched to using a graphite shaft in his driver in 2004.

    So, what are the differences between steel shafts and graphite shafts?

    Graphite is a lighter material than steel, reducing the overall weight of your golf club. They allow for longer clubs and they have more construction options than steel shafts. Graphite shafts also reduce the shock at impact.

    Steel shafts, in general, are less expensive than graphite and are considered to be more durable. But, the quality of graphite shafts has improved considerably over the last 10 years, making them almost as durable as a steel shaft.

    The key difference between graphite and steel is the weight. Since graphite shafts are lighter than steel, it will increase your swing speed, giving you more distance. The downside is that graphite shaft generally give you a feeling of having less control over the clubhead. Graphite shafts simply do not give you the same "feedback" as steel shafts do.

    Graphite shafts are usually recommended for women, seniors and players with a low swing speed looking to add distance to their swing.

    Flex: basically, the amount of flex refers to the ability of a golf club shaft to bend during the swing. The wrong amount of flex for your swing will cause the clubface to be misaligned at impact. This affects the distance, accuracy and trajectory of the ball.

    As a general rule, especially for beginners, you should use the softest flex you can control without any difficulty. If you're not sure, use the softer flex. Most golfers are using a shaft that's too stiff for their game. They'd be pleasantly surprised if they switched to a softer shaft.

    When using a shaft that's too stiff, you'll probably have a lower and shorter ball trajectory. The ball will usually go off to the right (for right handed golfers) and your shots may not feel as solid.

    While you are in the golf store get your swing measured. This will also help you to find the best possible golf clubs for your golf game.

    The perfect length of a club is a factor that will vary from golfer to golfer. You need to check out the different lengths to see which will suit your body and your game the best. In most cases a standard length is the way to go but if you're shorter than average or taller than average, you will need a different length when it comes to your golf clubs. You should not be bending over in order to hit the ball, so get this right because the length of your golf clubs is an essential aspect to a good golf game and should guide your club selection.

    If your dimensions are unusual, you should definitely then consider getting specially customised clubs, which you can often find in the second hand section of local stores. The great advantage of this is that customised clubs do not have the same second hand trade in value as standard clubs so great deals can often be found on second hand upright or flat sets of irons.

    You will also want to take into consideration your handicap in golf. As you can imagine, your level/ability in golf will have a direct bearing on what clubs you choose. There are golf clubs for beginners and clubs made especially for pros. If you are a beginner, there's simply no point spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The smartest thing will be to start with the much more affordable 'entry level' range of clubs and then build up to the premium top of the range brands as you progress with your game.

    One clever way to 'turbo-charge' this method and save even more money by buying brand new clubs online is to test golf clubs in stores following all the above considerations, and once you're satisfied with the club you would like to buy, you could take note of the store price and later look on the Internet to find it at a lower price. You may be surprised to find great deals on brand new clubs from time to time, sometimes even better than the price of used clubs in store. This way you will be well informed and will be ready to buy a premium golf club that is suitable for you at the very best value possible.


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