• How to get great value Golf Lessons, Golf Instruction and Training Aids

    Golf lessons can be another added prohibitive expense that contributes to the overall feeling that playing golf is expensive. But it really doesn't have to be this way. Here's a fantastic idea that will save tons of money this season: instead of spending substantial amounts of cash buying the latest and greatest irons and drivers, stick with your old set and save the money for a good, solid block-booked session of golf lessons.

    Wondering how this will help you save money?

    Here's the logic: buying the latest golf clubs will not cure your slice or any other golf problem you're currently having, no matter what the glitzy, multi-million dollar adverts would have you believe. Instead, save the money you would have spent on this new season's 'must-have' equipment and pay for some lessons, fix your swing, and you can finally stop having to buy all the shiniest, latest and greatest 'all-singing-all-dancing' golf clubs. You’ll be happier and will spend less time drowning your golf balls too, which will save you even more money. Plus you'll beat all your buddies and get your name on the club board. What price would you put on that?

    If you hit balls at the driving range frequently, check to see if they have a range plan where you can pay in a lump sum for a bunch of sessions. You will find that if you go to the driving range at least 3 times per week, you could make some major savings. Some ranges may not offer a standard plan but might be willing to negotiate something with you.

    If you are looking for a free alternative to improve your golf swing, you can get FREE online lessons. A free golf swing lesson seems a little too good to be true. But there are actually a variety of websites available that offer free videos to help you improve your swing...or you can do a search on or Google to find Golf Swing Videos.

    Now, here's the best way to go about doing this: Basically, golfers are constantly struggling on improving their swing. But it is difficult to see what needs improvement while you are swinging the golf club. A good way to take a look at your golf swing plane is to tape your swing and your stance.

    You could have a friend tape you making a couple different types of shots. Then later you can go back and watch yourself and your swing. Usually you will be able to clearly see areas that you can improve. You might not be swinging a complete swing or maybe you tend to look up before you have hit the ball. The video camera is a great learning tool for beginning golfers as well as more advanced golfers.


    After you have watched your golf video, you can watch some free swing videos online. You can go to Youtube and do a search for keywords like "Golf Swing" or "Perfect Golf Swing" or "Golf Swing Lessons" and watch the videos carefully. While watching the professional golf swings, you will probably notice even more areas that you would like to improve. Watching the professionals swing their clubs is a great way to see how you should be doing it.

    You can write down the areas where you feel you can improve your golf swing. Then work on those noted areas the next couple times that you go golfing. When you feel like you have adjusted to the areas that you wanted to fix, then take the video camera out again.

    When you video tape yourself this time, make sure and get all varieties of swings so you can see what your driving, chipping, and putting all look like. You may be surprised the first time you watch the video because you will see plenty of areas that will need improvement.

    Don't let that get you down. Improving your golf game is an ongoing process that requires a lifetime of dedication. You will not be a professional after one afternoon of video watching or even one year of trying to improve your game. Golf is just one of those sports that takes a lot of time to develop your game. So enjoy yourself and play some golf, every time you play you will be working on a better game.

    A great way to save a ton of money on your golf lessons is to invest in a good golf training aid. This way, you can constantly work on your swing, at home or at the office, for a few minutes a day...and this will do wonders to your game. And more importantly, it will make it easier for you to repeat what your golf instructor told you, it will give you the chance to keep working on that new thing you just understood on the range every day, and wherever you want, which is a great advantage.

    The golf swing training aid is the thing that you should invest in before putting money into lessons and golf schools, just because it will allow you to do what they teach you every day, or at least twice as much as you can today (when visiting your golf club or a golf course near your home).


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