• How to get Bargain Golf Equipment: Callaway, PING, Taylormade, Titleist

    Congratulations on downloading this Report. We wrote this because we want to show Golfers who are passionate about their sport that you don't have to spend a small fortune buying expensive equipment. The tips contained in these pages will definitely save you tons of money while ensuring you get the best quality Golf clubs, clothes and equipment. So sit back, relax and enjoy the Report.

    Every year, all the major Golf companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Marketing/Advertising their equipment (according to numerous sources, Golf companies spend well over $300 million advertising their premium brand golf clubs and equipment every year). And that's just the tip of the obscene spending iceberg!

    These multi-billion dollar corporations also pour 'eye watering' sums of money into Research and Development to improve the technology of the clubs. Yes, it's true that this results in an improvement and function of the equipment...but really, by how much? Does that investment truly justify the increased costs to you, the golfer? What do you think?

    The truth is that every year millions of dollars worth of golf equipment are offloaded into the "discount" or "overstock" market because there were too many produced, or simply because they produced the wrong ones.

    At the same time that this is going on, premium brand Golf equipment is selling for "insanely" high prices in the regular retail channels. Not that any of this bothers the major manufacturers of course, because they don't have to pick up the bill for this mad inflation of prices...YOU do!

    A scandal in one way maybe. But it creates a fantastic opportunity for canny entrepreneurs to buy up all this discount/surplus stock for peanuts and sell it off for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the hordes of uninformed buyers rushing to grab a piece of the action. But this is the really exciting part for you...because if you know where to look for these bargains, you too can benefit from the greed of the golf equipment manufacturers and save a ton of money!

    Let's face it: we all hate spending too much money on Golf equipment. But here's the problem: in a bid to save money, most golfers simply end up buying lower quality clubs and equipment.

    This problem is so pervasive that the majority of golfers seem to have accepted that golf is simply an expensive sport and that in order to play it, you need vast sums of money. Many uninformed people are convinced that "’s a rich man's game and only those who are rich can afford to play it." Certainly this is the impression that many non-golfers have of the sport. But nothing could be further from the truth.

    Golf doesn't have to be expensive. Moreover, the recent downturn in the global economy has made access to the game even much more financially accessible to all. Golf courses are offering more deals on green fees and equipment providers are offering great value deals all the time. With just a little bit of research, most people can easily buy golf clubs, clothes and equipment with a minimal amount of cash.

    The tips you read below will set you on a path to freedom from paying high, outrageous prices for your golf equipment. However, you have to follow the advice we give here, and that means you should devote at least a little time to doing what needs to be done to make the right purchase decisions. Do you know the number 1 reason why most golfers keep on spending an obscene amount on their golf equipment?

    TIME! Yes, time...or more to the point, the lack of it. The golf retailer's best friend is a golfer who is so "time-poor" that they wouldn't even spend a few minutes to find the best bargains. Today, we live in the Information Age, where we can find out anything we want at the click of a there really is no excuse for not spending just a few minutes to seek out the best bargains.

    So as you read this Report, please bear in mind one very important message: no matter the value of the tips we can give you to help you save tons of money on your Golf equipment, if you don't put in at least a little time to follow our advice, you won't get the benefit of this Report, and you will be wasting your time (ironically) by even reading it.

    Some of the advice you read in the Report will strike you as great new ideas you've never thought about before, and some of it will be stuff that just makes common sense, or you may already be aware of it...but here's the bottom line: there's no point simply nodding your head as you read it, saying quietly to yourself "...yes, that sounds great." You need to act on it. So please make an effort not just to read it and view it as good, common sense advice that makes sense, but you need to follow through and act on it to really make it worth your while.

    Also, inside this Report, we will direct you to some great places (online golf stores) where you can get really fantastic bargains and start saving on your golf clubs, clothes, golf lessons, training aids and equipment right away.


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